Benefits in various fields

Benefits in various fields

Behind P3Y, there is Param Shakti of Paramji. P3Y Shakti works in every aspect of life – all mundane and supramundane achievements can be gained. Monetary, family related, academic, ailment cure, troubleshooting, spiritual, etc. desires from all fields are fulfilled promptly, and social problems also get resolved through P3Y.

Business and Industry:

Increase in income, governmental / non governmental problem solving, loss minimization, no strikes, pending money recovery, loan sanction, prompt debt discharge, finding skillful workers, etc.

Officer and Administration: 

Getting recognition in meetings,maintaining law and order, correct and fast decision making, extracting good work from subordinates, administration related problem solving, good relations with MP – MLA, finding the right solutions in pressure situations, etc.


Practice flourishing, getting more success in surgery, no complications, getting appreciation in severe cases, setting up a clinic or hospital at the right place, etc.


Getting a good job, making the excellent design of a machine, project completion on time, passing invoices on time, etc.


More success in court cases, increase in income, making good arguments, safety from hostile rivals, more success in the court, etc.


Getting a job in your profile, getting a promotion – transfer, maintaining good relations with colleagues and seniors, achieving targets, etc.


Getting good results in research, success in lab experiments, publishing a research paper in a journal, getting recognition in the conference, getting a suitable environment for research, etc.


Getting good crops, removing disease in plants, getting good seeds and manure, getting a reasonable price for produce, freedom from debt, getting sufficient water, timely rain, no destruction of crops by birds/animals, saving plants from natural disasters and natural elements, such as – hailstorm — thresher machine timely and storm – flood, getting tractor easily. getting farm workers in appropriate numbers timely, getting more and good water in a new well, etc.

Animal Husbandry: 

Healthy livestock, increase in the milk of good quality, less expenditure on medicine and doctors, getting more profit, getting better livestock at a reasonable price, cows – buffaloes – other animals – remain calm and do not cause injury, etc. to regain a lost animal.


Victory in the election, getting a ministerial berth, public meeting successful, delivering a good speech, getting recognition in the party, officers obey your orders, the public remains in your favor, journalists remain in your support and do not distort the news, remaining safe, doing good work for people, getting recognition and appreciation from the public,etc.

Educational Field: 

Starting school, colleges, tuition classes at the right place in minimum expenses, getting well qualified – experienced competent teachers, getting more students, getting good results, getting fees regularly from parents, parents become satisfied, improvement in teaching skills, the safety of the students, students don’t become mischievous, getting popularity amongst students, getting recognition in the society, etc.


Getting more harmony, peace and affection, reducing rifts, marrying at the right place and at less expense, food becomes sufficient and tasty, getting desired progeny, having a normal delivery, safety of mother and child, delivery at the right.

Spend less than your income. – Paramji

Do not give advice to anyone. – Paramji

auspicious time, security in cesarean delivery, building a beautiful house, freedom from debt, disciplined children, discord pacifv running the house in fewer expenses, improved married life, solving sex problems, etc.


Enhancement in memory and intellect, better, preparation for exams, completing a course, getting confidence in exams, no fear of exams, remaining healthy during exam days, better performance in exams, getting good marks, making good friends, safety in school, tuition and colleges, getting admission tuitions in less expense, getting a job in right school immediately after degree, making a good career, etc.


Removal of physical and mental ailments, getting sound sleep, reducing expenses on medicine and doctors, successful surgery, getting discharged from the hospital soon, medicine becomes beneficial, getting good doctors, for physical fitness – normal blood pressure before surgery, no fear of surgery, stitches get healed fast, less pain, the power to bear the pain, removing weakness and gaining more strength, fitness and stamina improves, accomplishing better work in less time, safety from COVID-19 and all epidemics, etc.

Planetary Effect: 

Safety from harmful effects of Shani, Mangal, Rahu, Ketu, Panoti, etc., safety from Pitru Dosh – Vastu Dosh – all evil powers, safety from scoundrels, getting sharp – strong mind, feeling secure, no fear, no nightmares, etc.

Mental Peace: 

Getting transcendental supramundane experience in Param Dhyan, getting freedom from desire, anger, jealousy, ego, laziness, etc., experience Samadhi (Deep meditation), seeing desired Gods, salvation in this life, becoming a good P3Y Teacher, give peace to other people by your Divine experiences, providing people proper guidance, getting profits even from adversity, getting power to follow Paramji’s Adeshas, getting stamina to defeat P3Y critics, mind always remains peaceful and blissful, developing bravery with truthfulness, developing superiority with humbleness, proliferating P3Y in less time, etc.

When all fails, still Papr works. – Paramji