I am using P3Y for thelast 24  years.  P3Y Shakti fulfilled  my many wishes. I saw many miracles. I had the biggest desire to have a child. I could not have children due to medical problem to me and to my husband. We did everything, whatever we were advised by other people, such as going to doctors, local Gods, Saints, temples, etc. but didn’t get any success. Finally, we decided to adopt a child. Around that time, there was a P3Y Class in our neighbourhood. We were told that, “every good wish can be fulfilled by P3Y Shakti.” My husband and I went to the P3Y Class, did Papr, wore Papr Vibhuti, and I got pregnant that month. Today, I have a 23 years old daughter, who is doctor. I kept her name Vibhuti. After that, for second child, I took Papr. Today, I have twins girls ‐ Pooja and Prarthna. My three daughters are P3Y Teachers. They progress by P3Y Shakti on their own. Anything is possible with P3Y. So my mission is ‐ P3Y must reach to every women in the society; every family must know about P3Y Shakti and become happier. More you will proliferate P3Y and the more you become obedient to Paramji; the more P3Y Shakti you will get, and your desires will be fulfilled faster. This is my strong experience.

Mein 10 saal se financially Karz wale kafi pareshan karte the and health achhi nahi rahati thi income zero hogyi thi depression me jyada tha lockdown Ki period me 17 may 2020 Meri wife ki death ho gayi 3 children ka dekh bhal ka jimma agaya Bajaj finance me manager ki Naukri cost cutting me chali gai Jayse tai se ghar chal raha tha par Nov 2020 me 1 apne p3y karta morning me calender dene aye Shayad usdin Khud paramji aye the papra diye the calendar par Uska palan ki aur Meri mere Naukri me target Bhi hone laga financially log pareshan kar rahe the parmji ke ashirvad se shant hai income me 5% increase hui Naukri me barkat aur mansik shanthi mil rahi hai ghar me sukh shanthi mil rahi hai parmji Ki Jay Charnam sharnam gachhami.

I am taking Benefits from P3Y for the last six years. By doing P3Y, I got an excellent job. Currentl, I am a branch manager in a Bank.

I have been taking benifits from P3Y for the last 35 years. I learned P3Y from Dr. Hasmukh, while I was doing MBBS.  I became MBBS, DCH, MD without any difficulty by doing P3Y. I got a good post in my feild. I became a civil surgeon by using P3Y Shakti.Many impossible things became possible. I follow Christianity, go to my church regularly, and get benefits by P3Y shakti.

I have been married for 16 years but had no children. We tried our best to get children, spent much on medicines, visited many temples, tried many things, but didn’t get any success. Eventually, we did Papr, did ParamYog daily, and kept increasing the stages of Papr every two months. By the Grace of P3Y Shakti, in 2019 November, we were blessed with a boy. My wife’s age was 43 years at that time. My family became happy. My so many other wishes are fulfilled by P3Y. My income increased. Really, its true ‐ P3Y is an incredible, super Power.

I was introduced to P3Y on 2020 April 18 (my P3Y Prapti Din). I started attending Dr. Ajit’s online P3Y Classes the next day and since then, I have experienced dramatic changes in my personality, psyche and attitude. I now have faith, am able to surrender to Paramji, drop my anxieties and fears. My understanding of my core subject of voice engineering has improved vastly through inexplicable new insights. New international markets for my training have opened up through a series of unplanned events. My finances have improved. Life is moving on fast track. A deeper understanding of life has come ‐ all this, without even asking. It is as if Paramji was waiting for me to reach His Holiness’ on 2020 April 18, and now His Holiness has taken over the reins of my life. I can’t convey in words the feelings, I have now. It’s as if I now have someone who is there for me all the time ‐ watching over me, taking care of me, thinking and deciding for me, guiding my feelings and intentions, taking me gently forward according to His Holiness’ plan for me.

My mother Mrs. Narbada Kaushik taught me P3Y, in 1989, and she is my Prerak Guru. Since then, I am doing P3Y regularly. P3Y has fulfilled more than 10,000 of my wishes. I have been saved from accidents many times, relieved from pain and ailments and have experienced mental peace and physical well being. In 1989, by the use of P3Y Shakti, I got a scholarship in 6th standard and got selected to Navoday Residential School, scored excellent marks in English, despite having studied in a rural school till 5th standard. I completed the Company Secretary course and LLB, and got a good job in India. I got married to a wonderful woman, she is also doing P3Y. We are blessed with a healthy and intelligent daughter. When I was jobless in 2010, I did Prachar by going from village to village and soon I got a good opportunity in Singapore. I suffered from bleeding piles in 2011, it was a very painful and inconvenient condition. The doctor told me that I need to go through surgery to get relief. I used P3Y Shakti, took Papr Water for 14 days. Since then, till now I don’t have any pain or bleeding from these piles, despite no surgery. P3Y saved me from fire, accidents and drowning on different occasions. I quit my job in Singapore in 2013 and came back to India. I was searching for job aggressively, but couldn’t get appropriate opportunity. Then I started teaching P3Y again from village to village and again shortly I got the opportunity to work in Singapore, instead of India. I do ParamYog regularly and I have experienced an increase in my memory, improved decision ‐ making ability and common sense, stress relief and mental peace. I have new experiences daily from P3Y and each of these experiences prove that P3Y is the true and genuine technique for the benefit of all mankind. For me, my experience is the biggest proof of its potency. Today, whenever I get an opportunity, I try to teach P3Y to as many persons as I can both by face to face and using social media tools and websites. If you also wish to get more and more benefits from P3Y and make your life healthy, prosperous and peaceful; please, do P3Y and teach P3Y to the maximum numbers of persons. You will surely get benefits. Your experience will be your guide.

My P3Y Prapti Din is 2020 March 01. At Surat, when I met Dr. Ajit during this short period, more than 20 wishes has been fulfilled. Anubhav : (1) With the guidance of Dr. Ajit, I have been able to come out of many problems. During these COVID 19 lockdown days, watching the 7 AM and 7 PM P3Y Online Classes everyday, I get to know lots of things about His Holiness Paramji and I am getting enlightened. As of date, I have not missed a single Class. Whenever I missed one or two Classes at the most, I have seen the posted Classes. (2) Doing ParamSwas two times a day and ParamYog five times a day has changed my life a lot. My heart rate used to be constantly at 120 bpm, but now it has come down to normal ‐ around 60 bpm. (3) During the recent Super Cyclone in Bengal, there was huge destruction all over Kolkata city. I had requested Dr. Ajit in the Class, day before the Cyclone to give Papr, so that there is no damage to us. Dr. Ajit immediately gave Papr in the live P3Y Class and we had very minimum damage compared to what rest of the city has suffered. Thank Your Holiness Paramji and Dr. Ajit for being there all the time when I needed.

There were many problems regarding my marriage, and all of the issues got solved by doing Papr. I got married well. Now I am in Australia. We got a permanent resident visa in Australia earlier by using P3Y Shakti. Paramji is with me every moment. Indeed, many desires get fulfilled by doing P3Y, easily.

By doing Papr, we reached Canada with ease. My husband became a project manager in a national company in a short time in Canada. At each interview, we took guidance of Dr. Ajit. I also got a job. We settled in Canada within seven months without someone’s support. If you wish to get more success in less time, definitely use P3Y Power.

  • I am using P3Y, since 1997 January. My job was in trouble in the UAE. I talked to my boss in the company, as advised by Ajit. My tension was relieved, and my job continued. Thank Your Holiness Paramji.
  • Paramji visited our house in Pratapgarh many times. In 2004, Paramji told us that, “I have blessed Umargam with Immense Power”. Whosoever visits Umargam, will get the benefits of my PDME Shakti. You must do the holy pilgrimage of Umargam. In 2005, Paramji gave us the PDME   Sahity, published in Faridabad and said, do Umargam Pilgrimage in Bhakti Mas; You will get more benefit. We didn’t know ‐ where the Umargam is ? How to reach there ? By the Divine Grace of Paramji, after many years, the situation took place accidently that we visited Umargam PDME Sthal with family. We experienced the Divine Power of Paramji and got much peace. We enjoyed a lot at seashore. I witnessed the miracle of Umargam pilgrimage, my stuck work got accomplished.

It was the 6th semester exam of LLB and I didn’t have much time for preparation. I do my business and am very occupied with that. I had very little time to study. I used P3Y Shakti, as per Dr. Ajit’s guidance and read the books and my exam went well. I advise students to use P3Y Shakti for good career. I get more success in my business by using P3Y Shakti. My communication skills improved by doing ParamYog regularly.

I am a Papr child. My numerous desires got fulfilled by doing P3Y. My nature improved by doing ParamYog. My endurance increased. I take P3Y Classes and teach the people Papr ‐ ParamYog. I traveled to Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, etc, outside Gujarat to take P3Y Classes, despite being of a young age. I gave time in P3Y proliferation. By the Grace of Paramji, I got a good line of a better career of my choice. I work hard for it. The children, who wish to advance in their life must do P3Y and get guidance from Dr. Ajit.

I have been taking benefits from P3Y Shakti, since Paramji Samvat ‐ 19 (2011 July 16). I got married well, feel immense peace and satisfaction. I had a severe problem in my body ‐ it was an Ectopic Tubul Rupture. I got admitted to a hospital, but didn’t recover, and then got referred to another hospital. The doctor said, they need to perform surgery. I increased Papr, and my husband also increased Papr, the operation was done. 1.5 to 2 liters of blood was evacuated from my abdomen. I received four bottles of blood. After the surgery, doctor said that the condition is still critical, we can’t say anything. It was almost impossible to survive. We increased Papr again. Dr. Ajit visited the hospital, and he used Paramji’s Healing Power on my abdomen. The miracle happened; blood pressure became normal, pulse reduced, I felt good, I was able to sit and walk also. I started to recover fast and got discharged from the hospital in 3 days only. I am alive today, only because of the P3Y Shakti. I decided that, now, I will devote my maximum time for P3Y work and will regard the P3Y Kartas in high esteem. I will be more obedient to Paramji, alias His Holiness and my P3Y Guru ‐ Sadhguru Dr. Ajit. Thank Your Holiness Paramji. This life is offered at His Holy Feet of Paramji, alias His Holiness.

I am taking benefits from P3Y from 2017. I was studying PhD for the last seven years, but my work was not getting accomplished. By using P3Y Shakti as per Dr. Ajit’s guidance, the hurdle was removed, and my PhD was completed. Dr. Ajit was present during my PhD exam, I received immense motivation, and many obstacles were crossed over. I became a doctorate. Thank Your Holiness Paramji. Currently, I am working as the Head of the Department(Civil) in an Engineering College.

I am getting benefits from P3Y since 1994. My vocation improved due to P3Y. Peace, prosperity, and happiness increased in my life. I was saved in a terrible accident. When I follow Dr. Ajit’s advice, I get more success.

I have been taking benenfits from P3Y for the last 23 years. P3Y Prapti din – 1997 August 13. More than 8000 desires fulfilled by P3Y. When i started job in reputed diamond company, my manager was not happy with my work. I was in lots of trouble. For this, I sought advice from Sadhguru Dr. Ajit. Then he first, made me to do papr to settle in the job quickly and my manager should be happy with my work. He and colleagues should treat me well and then Sadhgura Dr. Ajit told me to do: (1) My work very faithfully, (2) Not be lazy at work at all, (3) Always praise the manager, (4) Highly praise the manager in front of the other people. I attended the P3Y income enhancement class every thursday, in which Sadhgura Dr. Ajit gave very important tips about how to get success in job and how to save money. And it happened just as Sadhguru Dr. Ajit said, I found success in job and also saved money. Dr. Ajit also said, keep praying everyday to Paramji and if you foiiow these tips, you will have a lot of success in your job. I do it till today, I have are had a lot of success in my job. Today, my managers are very impressed with my work. And were so happy that i got promoted. My colleagues, too get along very well with me. This work was impossibie. But because of the miraculous divine papr of Holiness Paramji and under the guidance of Sadhguru Dr. Ajit, impossibie things became possible. Thank your Holiness Paramji and Sadhguru Dr. Ajit. Paramji ko arpan.

I received the knowledge of P3Y on 1983, December 12 (P3Y Prapti Din). So many miracles happened through P3Y Shakti in my life. My husband’s blood pressure was quite high in 1998. He was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. Doctors informed me that there was no chances of recovery. I increased the Papr, heartily requested Paramji to save the life of my husband. My husband survived. He is fit even now in 2020. My life is full of bliss by the Divine Grace of Paramji.

I have been taking benefits from P3Y for the last 3 years. My husband is in the construction business. My husband’s site was in Srinagar, and the construction was getting delayed due to several reasons. Government officers were pointing mistakes during the meeting. We did Papr, and the meeting was successful. The problem got solved. I fell from the terrace, immediately I remembered Paramji and took Papr to save myself. I was taken to the hospital, but my limbs were alright, and I was saved.

I have been using P3Y Shakti, Since 2000. I have 2 Papr children. During the birth of the 1st child, the doctors had advised me against normal delivery; but I did Papr, the miracle happened: 3.8 kg weighted male baby was delivered normally with minimum pain. Two laptops were stolen from my husband’s car; we did Papr and found the laptops back. My elder son is progressing well in sports by using P3Y Shakti and is playing at the national level.

I have been using P3Y Shakti from 2017. My husband could have lost his job in Mumbai, after completion of the company project; but due to Papr, he didn’t lose his job. Whenever I face any difficulty, first, I remember Paramji first. I seek Dr. Ajit’s guidance, if I am in trouble and overcome any difficult situation by using P3Y Shakti. We always do Success ParamYog before starting any work.

My P3Y Prapti Din is 2013 November 10. Till now, more than 2,000 desires have been fulfilled by using P3Y Shakti. My spectral (upri hawa) problem got solved due to P3Y Power. I got job immediately after completing MPharm. I didn’t have to go under operation for my corn and tooth after doing Papr and taking Papr Water empowered by P3Y Red sticker. My good desires got fulfilled by doing P3Y in less time, less expense and less effort. I regularly become host of P3Y Class and it gives me peace, prosperity and bliss. Papr Water keeps me healthy. Since P3Y is Science, we can use P3Y, take benefits and still keep faith in our religion. It is true that P3Y is enormously Powerful and the one, who attracts this Power efficiently, his desires are fulfilled earlier. It’s my personal experience that anything is possible through P3Y. Thank Your Holiness Paramji for being in my life.

I am taking benefits of P3Y from 2014. My elder sister takes benefits from P3Y, she always inspired me to use it, but I didn’t believe in Papr. But when I was extremely distressed, I did Papr, by considering that I don’t need to pay, if my Papr is not successful. And impossible became possible. I got a nice job in my profile in an international company with a good salary and time by doing Papr. Latest miraculous experience : In 2020 June, I was informed by company that they are going to terminate 90 employees out of 250 from my department due to COVID‐19 pandemic. Immediately, I contacted Dr. Ajit. I did Papr under his guidance and surprisingly, my job was saved by P3Y Shakti. By using P3Y Shakti, I got selected with 3 others to work on a project in UK, amongst 400 people. But when COVID‐19 pandemic started, in the world and in UK also, I again consult Dr. Ajit and I did as per Dr. Ajit’s guidance, and again miracle happened, I came back to India safely. Miracle was that the flight, I came, was the last flight for India. I was saved from Corona by P3Y Shakti. Now I do ParamYog daily, and I get many benefits. I can’t function without P3Y Power. Thank Your Holiness Paramji and Dr. Ajit for accurate and rewarding guidance.

I received the knowledge of P3Y on 2002, January 1 P3Y Prapti ( Din).  My  family  was in immense       bereavement due to sad demise of my 18 years old only son. But we did ParamYog every hour under the guidance of Dr. Ajit, got peace of mind and recovered from the deep sorrow. I was able to get my own house due to Papr. I became a mother at the age of 40 years. Doctors had advised for test tube baby, but we kept increasing Papr, use more P3Y Shakti, and I got pregnant without any medicine. My desire was fulfilled. Got a cute male baby. Thank Your Holiness Paramji.

I received immense benefits by attending Umargam PDME Pilgrimage Class. I received P3Y Shakti. The expenses of doctors and medicines reduced significantly. I taught Papr in my community, and they also received benefits. I received appreciation. I attend the Saturday Paramji Darbar and gain huge benefits.

I am taking benefits from P3Y for the last 15 years. I passed 10th and 12th exam with flying colors by doing P3Y. I got married well. My husband received benefits in his business. My son’s performance in Mathematics improved by following Clever Student Param Nivedan. My sister in law had problems in conceiving. By doing Papr, she was blessed with a son. My father in law’s truck was stolen. By doing Papr, it was recovered fast.

  • My friend in Delhi was trying for a child for the last eight years but was not getting success. I made her to do Her husband attended the P3Y Class, taken by Dr. Ajit at my home. Dr. Ajit gave him a photo of Paramji as blessings and asked him to increase the Papr. My friend got pregnant and gave birth to a son. My daughter lost her gold earring. I did Papr, wrote Papr detail in Papr Account Diary and left everything on Paramji. After six months, the earring was found. I get immensely peaceful even by remembering Paramji, witness many miracles, and impossible becomes possible by doing P3Y.

I received immense Power by attending Saturday Paramji Darbar. I feel that Paramji listens to me and talks to me. Both my children got married well, by using P3Y Power.  My daughter got Australia visa fast and with less expense. My desire to start P3Y Dhyan Centre in Palanpur and to run it efficiently also got fulfilled. Many people from Palanpur, travel to Umargam to attend the Umargam PDME pilgrimage P3Y Class by a luxury bus.

I received the knowledge of P3Y on 2013, November 10. I had a fracture in my hand. The doctor said; you wouldn’t be able to do any work from that hand for six months. I used P3Y Shakti, and the operation was successful. My hand recovered fast. Now, I can do all tasks with that hand. The doctor was surprised and said that your recovery had been quite quickly, as compared to other similar patients. I invited Dr. Ajit to UP and arranged for the P3Y Class. I received immense Power. My daughter got married well without any problems by doing Papr. I had organized a P3Y Class, before the marriage started.

I had a terrible accident, fractured my foot, and had a head injury. The doctor told me that I wouldn’t be able to walk for four years. By doing Papr, I recovered in two years, and now I can even ride a motorcycle. I do ParamYog daily.

The court ruled in my favor in the dispute with my husband. My daughter came to stay with me happily. By doing Papr, my daughter got admission to the right college in a good stream, and she graduated with distinction. Whatever I am today, is all due to P3Y Power.

I received the knowledge of P3Y on 2018 April 19. I am grateful to my parents and Dr. Mahendrabhai to give me P3Y Shakti. By doing Param Swas, I felt the peace of mind, controlled my aggression and removed agitation. I had a migraine. I used to take medicine but wasn’t getting any relief. Later, after using P3Y Shakti, migraine pain reduced. I cleared 12th (Science), GUJCET, and NEET exams confidently and with good marks with the guidance of Dr. Ajit. I got admission to an excellent medical college for doing MBBS without donations and at reasonable fees. Thank Your Holiness Paramji. His Holiness Paramji fulfilled the dominant desire of my parents of my getting admission in the medical college.

By doing Papr and drinking Papr Water, I got relief from a major problem of the liver. Before doing Papr, I spent heavily on doctors and medicines. It’s absolutely true, even impossible is possible with Paramji’s Power.

I got a new line of business by doing P3Y. My business is flourishing by using P3Y Shakti and with the guidance of Sadhguru Dr. Ajit.

P3Y gave me immense peace. My daughter became BCom, LLB, CA, and got married well. My son became BE (Civil Engineer) and well settled in building business.

I received the knowledge of P3Y on 1995, January 19. My behavior improved significantly after doing ParamYog. Both of my children got married well. By using P3Y Shakti, my son got a promotion in his job and traveled overseas many times. My daughter also got a nice job in her field.

I have been taking benefits from P3Y for the last 19 years. My son became BE (Instrumentation and Control), got a nice job. My family became happy, and my life improved from scratch. 

I am using P3Y Shakti for the last five years. My income increased 3 folds after doing P3Y. I attend the Income Enhancement P3Y Class every Thursday and become the host of this class. I was saved from an unfavorable outcome in a significant court case. Really, P3Y Shakti is fantastic.

By doing P3Y, I got success in every field. In my childhood, Ortho doctor said, ‘you have a spine problem. Hence for the whole life, you can not dance, can not take part in sports games.’ But by using P3Y Shakti, I am alright today. I followed the guidance given by Dr. Ajit. I played in National level games. I took part in dancing activities. In this way, by P3Y, impossible became possible.

  • By doing Papr, my pregnancy was saved, I was blessed with a healthy daughter on time. I got a nice job in college, according to my profile. Currently, I am working as the Head of the Department.

I have been taking benefits from P3Y Shakti for the last 21 years. Happiness, peace, and wealth increased in my home. My son was suffering from Malaria and Jaundice simultaneously, by drinking Papr Water and the medicines offered to Paramji, alias His Holiness, he recovered fast.

I received mental peace by doing ParamYog. Good education became possible. Currently, I am working in a good company as a Civil Engineer on a good salary and am working to build apartments.

I have been taking benefits from P3Y Shakti for the last seven years. I was very stressed about the marriage of my daughter. I did Papr, and everything from engagement to marriage went well, as planned.

I am taking the benefits of P3Y Shakti for the last six months. I got a nice job; my income increased. I built a two‐floored house. By doing Papr, I got married to a well educated and nice girl. My father had fallen from the terrace and suffered a severe head injury. By the Grace of Paramji and using P3Y Healing Power, my father recovered fast. The major illness was cured in less expense by obeying Dr. Ajit’s advice. Now, my father is healthy.

I am doing P3Y for the last 22 years. I finished my job in railways successfully. I built a two ‐ floored house. My children got married well. my diabetes got controlled by attending Rog Nivaran P3Y Class and by following the diet plan given by Dr. Ajit. I run P3Y Dhyan Centre in Sachin.

I received the knowledge of P3Y on 1995, December 11. I got a nice job by using P3Y Shakti. I was able to own my home. I got unimaginable success in my life. My life is going on just because of P3Y Power.

I am using P3Y Power, since 2005. I get more benefits in my agriculture in comparison to the others by using P3Y Power. I get good price for my produce. 2 years ago, during the marriage of my daughter, it was looking like the food prepared will fall short and I was worried, but I did Papr and food increased by the Grace of Paramji, everybody was satisfied, and I got appreciation. Regular use of P3Y increased peace in my household. My daughter had some complications in her pregnancy and pre‐mature delivery was done. However, the delivery was normal and despite pre‐mature delivery, the baby was healthy. My mother remained healthy, till the age of 80 and died peacefully. She also used to attend P3Y Class, as I arranged the Class, monthly on the day of Amavas at my home. And also one day before she expired, she had attended P3Y Class and had purchased the photo of Paramji. I am so happy by getting P3Y in my life.

I am taking benefits from P3Y, since 2012. By doing Papr, I got married well. I have a Papr child. My medical practice is flourishing. My mind became more peaceful by doing P3Y. My husband is supportive of me.

I received the knowledge of P3Y on 2000, October 1. I do ParamYog daily. I feel immense peace. I got married well by doing P3Y. I got a good husband. I get respect in my in‐laws’s home. Whenever I face any problem, I do Papr and overcome my obstacles. I am grateful to Paramji, alias His Holiness for making my life more blissful.

I got relief in major illness by doing P3Y. Presently, I teach P3Y to many people, conduct P3Y Classes, and I get success. Doing P3Y work ‐ that is my life.

I am Papr child. My mother has brought us up in P3Y culture. I do ParamYog daily. My memory increased due to ParamYog. By using P3Y Shakti, I got admission in Physiotherapy in the right college without a donation. I got success in my exams and today, I am a Physiotherapist doctor. My communication skills improved by teaching P3Y, door to door. I received recognition in college. My problems got solved faster due to Dr. Ajit’s guidance. P3Y is, indeed, a fantastic Power, that gives tremendous success in life. There is a massive benefit in following the Adeshas of Paramji. I conduct P3Y Classes. you can attend and arrange online P3Y Class on YouTube and Facebook. For making a successful career, every student must use P3Y Shakti and remain in contact with Dr. Ajit.

My P3Y Prapti Din is 2008, February 12. More than  5,700 desires fulfilled by using P3Y Shakti. By the Grace of Paramji, we started coaching classes from 2013. We start from BE‐ Diploma and today, std. 1 to 10 Gujarati and English Medium classes are also running. Every students doing ParamSwas and ParamNad and then start learning. Immense peace of mind was obtained by using P3Y. I got a lot of success in new business. Paramji developed my intelligence. I was able to make decisions just because of P3Y Shakti and guidance of Sadhguru Dr. Ajit. Everything happened, which is good in my life, is only because of P3Y. Thank Your Holiness Paramji and Sadhguru Dr. Ajit.

My P3Y Prapti Din is 1993 June 30. More than 10,000 desires have been fulfilled by P3Y. I got relief from illness by drinking Papr Water. My both daughters got married well. My blood pressure normalized by doing ParamSwas regularly. My major desires got fulfilled by organizing P3Y Class and doing P3Y Prachar. my family is blessed with peace by wearing Papr Vibhuti and changing P3Y stickers every 6 months. If you wish to solve your problems and want peace in your life, then use P3Y Power. Your good wishes will get definitely fulfilled.

I am using P3Y, since I was 15 years old. I got a very good job in a clinic only by the Grace of Paramji and by the blessings of Dr. Ajit. Whenever I am in trouble, I do Papr, and it succeeds. I give 10% of my income, monthly in Pakar. I do whatever Dr. Ajit guides me to do and amazingly, I get more benefits.

I am using P3Y for the last 20 years. More than 5,000 wishes have been fulfilled by P3Y. I had a eye surgery and I did Papr for a successful surgery and quick recovery. The best surgery ever, with no side effects and recovered pretty much within a day by the Grace of Paramji. Since the day, I have started attending the online Classes, I have seen massive changes on physical, mental and spiritual level. I feel, His Holiness is always next to me, protecting me and guiding me all the time. Papr Water has immensely helped me and I would say, cured me of so many health issues. I feel so blessed and get powerful at the same time that I am under the wings of His Holiness Paramji. We also took Param Lakshmi Mantr Diksha this year from Dr. Ajit on conference call. We have seen amazing results financially and so many others. Whatever we have today in Australia, it’s because of Paramji, alias His Holiness.

More than 1,000 desires have been fulfilled by P3Y. There was a lump on my body and the doctor asked me to go through surgery to remove it. Sadhguru Dr. Ajit advised me to do Papr and used Healing Power on me. Miracle happened, my lump was gone, and I didn’t have to undergo any surgery. I am a farmer. I do Papr for my farming. I offer some percent of my farm income to Paramji and by doing so, I get more profit in my farming and with improved crop, I get good rates for the produce. My life is functioning properly due to P3Y and I remain happy. Through ParamYog, I get mental peace. I request all the farmers, to use P3Y Shakti, in their farming to get more produce.