P3Y Arpan vidhi

What is P3Y Arpan Vidhi?


Eating food, water, medicine, any new things, etc. after offering to Paramji, alias His Holiness, enhances their power. Paramji improves taste. Health is preserved, water becomes Papr Water. Food, etc. become Papr Prasad (food stuffs with power of Paramji).


1) Look at the food and water. 

2) Speak Paprva – 6, 7, 8.

3) In Paprva 9, Say: ‘Paramji, empower this food / water, so that it becomes healthy for me and for the other persons eating it.’ You should use this method for whatever new things / items you use for you and for your family. 

Papr Water


It gives6 relief in ailments and pain. You get P3Y Shakti for the fulfillment of your desires.


1) Take as much potable water in a glass or bottle as much as one can drink. 

2) Look at the water and speak Paprva – 1 to 8. 

3) In Paprva – 9, Say : ‘Paramji, empower this water and make it Papr Water, to relieve the pain of the person, who drinks it’.

4) Promise an efficient amount and time as Pakar for this Papr Water.

Note:  The amount and the time for P3Y proliferation promised for the Papr Water must be paid as soon as possible. For more information, please attend Rog Nivaran (Disease Prevention) P3Y Class.

You can get relief from any illness by having Papr Water four times. – Paramji