What are the benefits of ParamNad?

Benefits of ParamNad:

Development of intellect, sound sleep, reduces mental flaws, helps in spiritual advancement, nature and behaviour improves, self-confidence increase, fears are subdued, relief in mental ailments, Paramji pleases on you, and desires get fulfilled faster. 


  1. Speak Paprva- l to 8. 
  2. In the Paprva-9, 
  3.  say: ‘Paramji, empower this technique of ParamYog to give me good  intellect and fulfill my desire. 
  4. Now do 3 ParamNad. 

Note: It is done in the manner, same as ParamSwas, except while exhaling, making a humming sound. After that, request Paramji to fulfill your desires.


When to do it ?

Daily ParamYog: 

(1) 3 ParamNad, in the bed, just after waking up, 

(2) After bathing, or starting first work or before going to the office,

(3) Before sleeping.

  • ParamYog for success: Do ParamYog before starting any work.
  • ParamYog for prosperity: 7 PM
  • You can do 3 ParamNad at every hour to achieve the state of awakening, for getting relief in mental illness or fulfilling big desire faster, but don’t do more than 10 ParamNad in an hour. You can do 3 ParamNad at 12 noon also.
  • Only 3 ParamNad is sufficient for progress, and it only takes a few minutes to do 3 ParamNad. 
  • Do ParamNad and obtain P3Y power and use this Power to do your work more efficiently and for the propagation of P3Y. 
  • Don’t do excessive ParamYog, by abandoning your work.