What are the benefits of ParamSwas?​

Reduces anger, removes disputes/rift in the family, children focus more on studies, relief in psychosomatic diseases, eliminates the shortcomings of mind, increases power and stamina, etc.

Method of Paramswas

In Paprva 9:

say: ‘Paramji! empower this technique of ParamSwas to give mental peace.’

And now do ParamSwas. Sit in a comfortable position. You can keep your eyes either open or closed as per the situation. Keep your back, neck and head straight, keep your tongue as usual, keep your teeth as – upper incisors upon lower incisors, keep your lips a bit apart, inhale gently through your mouth, to the fullest capacity of your lungs. Try to focus your mind on Paramji. No breath-holding. Now exhale through your nostrils. While exhaling, close your lips and keep your incisors apart. Breath out completely. 

This procedure should be done at ease, no force, without making any sound, while breathing in and breathing out. This is one ParamSwas. Do ten ParamSwas.

When to do it?

(1) In the morning and evening

(2) Whenever you want peace of mind, or you are becoming angry,              during dispute, when negative thoughts are coming 

(3) Students must do 5 ParamSwas, before starting the study, to                  increase concentration.

Where can be done?

It can be done at the home, office or outside. Do not make any sound while doing ParamSwas. 

Please remember about ParamSwas…

Do not do it, where there is smoke, dust, foul smell or any other pollution. Do

not do it, while driving or standing next to machinery or fire. If your throat is sore, inhale and exhale through nostrils.

How Many times do you have to do it?

It can be done 1 to 10 times or more till the time your mind becomes peaceful. Focusing on Paramji is essential. Typically, if you do ParamSwas 10 times in the morning and at night, you will get mental peace. If you feel deeply stressed, you can do more than 10 ParamSwas also. Take deep ParamSwas, keep doing it till your mind is at peace. Paramji says – If one does 100 ParamSwas, even the grief and shock of the death of a dear person subsides.