I am using P3Y for the last 24 years. P3Y Shakti fulfilled my many wishes. I saw many miracles. I had the biggest desire to have a child. I couldn’t have children due to medical problems to me and to my husband. we did everything whatever we were advised by other people, but didn’t get any success. Finally, we decided to adopt a child. Around that time, there was a P3Y Class in our neighborhood. we were told that, ‘every good wish can be fulfilled by P3Y Shakti.’ My husband and I went to the P3Y Class, did Papr, wore Papr Vibhuti, and I got pregnant that month. Today, I have a 23 years old daughter, who is a doctor. After that, for the second child, I took Papr. Today, I have twin girls. My three daughters are P3Y Teachers. Anything is possible with P3Y. More you will proliferate P3Y and the more you become obedient to Paramji; the more P3Y Shakti you will get, and your desires will be fulfilled faster. This is my strongest experience.