Things to Remember before doing P3Y

Refer to Paramji, alias His Holiness as "Paramji" only. Don't use any other name. Paramji's Param Shakti works according to rules. The general rule is that - whatever is in your fate, you get from 1.5 to 4 times. If the person is willing to pay Pakar money as well as time for P3Y proliferation, at the maximum and will remain humble fully - 100%, in front of Paramji, his good wish will be definitely fulfilled by P3Y Shakti. A student may get more percentage in the exam and whatever time has been fixed in your destiny, to get that desire fulfilled, it gets halved. Overambitious desires will not be fulfilled.

There are following fundamental things in P3Y:

• Papr - Paprva 1 to 11

• ParamYog - ParamNad, ParamSwas, Param Dhyan, etc.

• Attending P3Y Class online, daily or every Thursday. Attending Umargam Yatra Class monthly. If you can not visit Umargam, attend the online class on Facebook or YouTube.

• Be Paramji Mukhi (obedient to Paramji); means follow Adeshas of Paramji.

• It must strictly be used for self - benefit. The person, who is in pain or suffering, needs to speak to Papr for relieving his pain. Exceptions are - unconscious person, infant, deaf and dumb person.

• If many persons are expected to get benefit from the same Papr, they all need to speak Papr in the group. Every beneficiary must take Papr to take its Advantage.

• More than 75% of the desires will be fulfilled by P3Y.

• Wrong desires will not be fulfilled by P3Y. Desires to harm or to P3Y will not be fulfilled by Papr.

P3Y will only provide benefits. It doesn't harm. There will be no loss. P3Y is Super Science. There is no need to have faith in P3Y for getting a Benefit; however, hardwork and intelligence are required.

• After the fulfillment of ten or more desires, one needs to become a staunch devotee of Paramji. Staunch devotee means courage of sharing your 100% authentic experience of P3Y Shakti, intelligently in front of other people with full confidence, spreading knowledge of P3Y amongst strangers and not listening to criticism on P3Y Karta and Paramji; and protect other P3Y Kartas with your hands or intellect, etc.

•Papr Record:

Each Papr must be recorded properly in Papr Account Diary. How many desires within what time and what Pakar promise must be recorded. Whatever mental peace you experience from ParamYog, Divine Anubhav in Param Dhyan, positive - proliferative thoughts about P3Y, etc. also needs to be recorded.

• Honesty :

Honesty Is the best policy is absolutely true in P3Y. Be genuine and honest in discharging Pakar, after getting desires fulfilled. If the Pakar is pending, other desires may not be fulfilled. Give Pakar money at the P3Y Dhyan Centre, attend P3Y Classes regularly and do P3Y Prachar as per your promise.

No Contamination : Use your intelligence. You take medicine from one doctor for your ailments, taking medication from 2-3 different doctors is not a smart thing to do. It is not advisable to request different sources for the fulfillment of the same desire, for which you have already done Papr. Request at only one place. If the desire is fulfilled through other methods, there is no need to do Papr. The wishes which are fulfilled anywhere else are fulfilled in P3Y too. The one who has none, has P3Y. The desires, which are not fulfilled elsewhere, by any means; these desires are also accomplished in P3Y, but a person must be diligent, honest and willing earnestly to follow Paramji's Adeshas. In P3Y, the wishes are fulfilled at less expense, at less time and with less effort. If the desire is not fulfilled anywhere else, have patience. If patience also doesn't work, stop other sources and do Papr. Your experience Will be evident. will be your guide. Ask only for intelligence Sadhbuddhi (good sense) from Gods, Goddesses of religion. Rest all, you can get from P3Y. Your God, Goddess, etc. are pleased with you, hence you got the knowledge of Shakti. Now, use maximum P3Y Shakti for your wish-fulfilling, prosperity, progress, health, troubleshooting, etc.

The fulfillment of desire will be delayed or will fail, if you have requested the fulfillment of the same desire from two or more sources. Requesting from only one source is smartness. Requesting from two or more sources is adulteration Adulteration doesn't work in P3Y. If P3Y fulfills your desire, then tell the people with full confidence and self-respect that P3Y Shakti has fulfilled your desire.

• Any good desire will certainly be fulfilled in 36 stages. Give appropriate time after doing Papr - a week, a month, three months, a year, etc. to see the results of Paramji's Power. If the desire is not fulfilled at some stage, move to the next stage. Previous Pakar should not be left pending to fulfill the next desire earlier. upon reaching the appropriate stage and remaining honest makes possible even impossible things. Any ailment can be cured, and you can get permanent bliss.

• After getting benefits from P3Y, you must give credit to Paramji only. If the desire is fulfilled by Paramji, and credit is being given to any other source, the other Papr may not succeed.

• Any person who is either theist or atheist can also do P3Y to fulfill his desires. Keep following your religion, worshiping your Gods and Goddesses, only ask for good wisdom there. To fulfill your wishes, do Papr.

• A person believing in any religion, any God or Goddesses, or doing any rituals or even atheism - not believing in any worship can also be benefitted by P3Y Shakti, can use P3Y Shakti for his advancement.

• Paramji and P3Y Shakti are one; as a surgeon and his surgery are one. P3Y Shakti presents itself in P3Y Dhyan Centre, P3Y Class, P3Y Prachar, ParamYog, etc.

• P3Y Karta is hard working. He discharges his duties most efficiently. He is patriotic. He does good things for the country. He firmly believes that - no work is small. He is efficient and diligent in his profession or job. Only three ParamNad are sufficient to get mental peace and intellect; he utilizes the rest of the time in earning money, discharging his responsibilities towards his family, and propagation of P3Y, etc.

Discharge your Duty most Efficiently. – Paramji

True P3Y Karta is never short of money and is well respected in society. He is also brave and is advanced in P3Y proliferation.

 वीरता परमो धर्म । – Bravery is real religion.
True P3Y Karta is firm on his P3Y experiences and courageous. He does ParamYog daily, attends P3Y Classes regularly and gets inspired by remembering his heroic deeds and keeps on increasing his bravery in P3Y. He neither criticizes any P3Y Karta nor listens to any criticism on P3Y. He quiets the critics of P3Y by his intellect or by all other possible appropriate methods. If a person does not wish to get benefit from P3Y, even then, he must stay from criticizing P3Y and P3Y Karta. The brave P3Y Karta Iooks over this matter.

Apply the principles of P3Y Pillars in your life and remember the Truths of P3Y.

The condemnation of P3Y and P3Y Karta is catastrophic. – Paramji

 P3Y Shakti doesn’t do injustice.

The Power which fulfills all desires has incarnated itself in the Divine name of ‘Paramji’. The form of this Divine Power – P3Y Shakti is ‘The Body’ and ‘The Holy Feet’ of Paramji. The divine abode of P3Y Shakti is P3Y Dhyan Centre, P3Y Class, P3Y Prachar, ParamYog, etc.