मेरे से कुछ भी संभव है | – परमजी 

By P3Y Shakti, Any good wish can be fulfilled. – Paramji


The desire which is your big desire, seems to be impossible to you and which is good for you and for others; that desire will be fulfilled by doing this 36 Stages Papr.

Any good desire can be fulfilled after advancing the stages one by one. At the last 36th stage, any auspicious wish can be fulfilled. Reference: 36 weeks Research on P3Y, 2004 July, literature written by Paramji). You have to choose the stage as per your desire; it can be of 1 week, 2 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc. If the work is not accomplished, progress to the next stage, take guidance from the P3Y Teacher.

Only that person can progress to the stage, who is ready to offer more money and time to Paramji, alias His Holiness to fulfill his wish. Only that person goes to the next stage, who loves his work, and not money, and who is ready to teach P3Y to more people.

As soon as your work is accomplished, make sure to the promised amount at the earliest and teach P3Y to new people immediately, so that there is no problem in the fulfillment of your next good desire.

Adopt a scientific approach when you are doing P3Y


Problems get solved easily through Papr. Papr can solve any small, medium or big problem. By doing Papr in any work, the person gets success one and a half to two times more than his fate. Without Papr, a person will get as per his fate. Papr solves more than 75% of problems. Your experience will be your guide.

Be a scientist. Have your own experiment by doing Papr in your life. Maintain a Papr Account Diary in which you write your all papr for different wishes/works. Do the experiment, do Papr for your ten good desires; similarly, pray for the fulfillment of ten good desires anywhere else. Keep everything the same in both groups. The conclusion will be: Papr fulfills desire faster.

P3Y is the Super Science. There is no need to do fasting, praying, incense, etc in Papr. In P3Y, basically, the main things are Paprva – 1 to 11 and ParamNad. It takes very little time, a few seconds or minutes. And cheating is not possible in Papr. You just promise to pay; you only have to pay after your desire is fulfilled or your work is accomplished.